FAN Event Nijmegen 21 October 2018

A certain highlight of the FAN event 2018 will be the premiere of the cinematic documentary ‘Friendship’.

These beautiful stills give an impression for the film-in-progress. Filmmaker Martijn Schinkel – know for his film ‘Lights Crossing’- and producer Tuk Melissen recently made recordings with J. Leesberg and W. Otten along the Waalkade and at the Oversteek. Both gentlemen have a personal story to tell about the humanitarian shipment from Albany for Nijmegen and vived memories of the post-war years. Students from Nijmegen and Albany schools will also participate.

Recordings in the US are planned for September. We thank the US Embassy in the Hague and the municipality of Nijmegen for their trust and support of the project. Students from BSO de Oversteek, Mondial College and Kandinsky College are involved in our autumn event. We wholeheartedly welcome you.

The FAN event takes place on Sunday, October, 21st, 2018 1.30 PM in the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen. Mark this date in your calendar! More information will be shared in our next newletter and on the Facebook page.