The Albany NY & Nijmegen project seeks to research, remember, commemorate and celebrate an important, but forgotten episode in local, national and international history. Activities are planned in 2017, the year that marks the 70th anniversary of the humanitarian and Reconstruction aid from Albany NY for Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The historical research, activities and commemoration can be incentives for a renewed friendship.
FAN foundation has several plans and (prospective) projects. We believe that this fascinating piece of history is of interest to many and we strive to reach out to a broad audience. FAN can offer a presentation or lecture. One goal is to make a coffee table book (bi-lingual) that documents the historical stories, facts and people. Other plans involve a (travelling) exhibition, a (documentary) film and several school projects. We hope to inspire people, organizations and schools in the Nijmegen and Albany region to connect with the topic.

Also, we hope to create mutual interest and inspiration for a renewed and enduring friendship between the two cities and their citizens. Ideas to support this goal are the realization of a site of memory, cultural exchange and international exchange between schools.

We will post and share updates of our plans and projects on this website. Already inspired? Contact FAN!