In 2019 we celebrate with the students the bond between the USA and the Netherlands and specifically the 72-year friendship between Nijmegen and Albany NY and the 82nd Airborne Division. We work together with students and teachers from OBS de Oversteek, Kandinsky College and Mondial College. In a transatlantic project we emphasize the importance of humanity and friendship in post-war reconstruction.

We emphasize and value the societal role of soldiers. We work to raise awareness and realization that freedom is not a given and emphasize on a personal commitment.  Together with students from Nijmegen and Albany NY, we work on shared objectives in a number of  “products” and exchange moments.

The educational trip with students from Nijmegen to Albany in October 2019 may be seen as the start of the international exchange, which will also have a follow-up in 2020 and beyond.