On this page we post video and film footage relevant to FAN and the shared history of Albany and Nijmegen.

On September, 3, 2019, the students of Mondial College and Kandinsky College walked the special Sunset March 66. In this year, 75 commemorative Lights Crossing marches were organized in the context of 75 years of Liberation. The student group would visit Albany NY later that year as part of FAN’s Transatlantic Pen-Pals project.

The photo of this group is by Jaleesa Derksen for the book “Sunset March, brug tussen heden en oorlogsverleden”; author is Joris Jan Voermans, the book is published by Quo Vadis.

FAN Event 2018 Nijmegen

Presentation of FAN Magazine 2017

2017 Tulip Festival Albany NY traditionally starts with the Street Scrubbing

Albany, sister city to Nijmegen, honors her cultural-historical bond with the Netherlands with the traditional Tulip Festival, that opens with a scrubbing of the streets. The first Dutch settlements arose along the Hudson River in the first half of the 17th century and would eventually evolve into what is the State of New York.  Thus, the City of New York roots back to the Dutch settlement “New Amsterdam”, and Dutch “Beverwijck” grew into the current Albany. In 1947, Albany supported the war-devastated Nijmegen in a broad relief effort, and send a ship full of relief goods, medicine and building materials. FAN “Friendship Albany Nijmegen” is the platform for strengthening the ties between Albany and Nijmegen. FAN represents the friendship between the two ‘sister cities’ and aims to remember, celebrate and inspire.

2017 Opening Speech Tulip Festival

Opening speech of the traditional Tulip festival in Albany NY, sister city of Nijmegen by Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan.

Lights Crossing by Martijn Schinkel

Dutch film maker Martijn Schinkel was commissioned to produce the short poetic documentary Lights Crossing about the bridge the Oversteek as a memorial.

Polygoon filmpje Albany adopted Nymegen 1947