Nijmegen & Albany, sister cities

FAN is short for ‘Friendship Albany NY & Nijmegen’. The origin of this friendship between two cities dates back to the American liberation and reconstruction aid from Albany NY for Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It is an international connection via shared history, which is still being commemorated in both cities.

Read about this unique story here.

‘Where do you feel at home in Nijmegen?’

This is the interesting theme by the City’s visual artist Gabi Rets. Our walk went via the Grote Markt, down through the lower town, up to the small but picturesque Ganzenheuvel square and down again to the Waal river front. At the Waalkade we stopped for the FAN plaque to explain the Albany NY-Nijmegen story. Gabi then made this amazing drawing. You need an artist to tell a story so powerfully without words !