Freedom means to me : Peace, health and happiness

These are awkward days. It is a special time, a time in which we’d like to be close and get together.  We want to connect and support each other. Small things can make a difference and a small gesture can make people feel less alone. That is especially important now. School children and students wanted to reach out to the elderly. FAN Foundation started a Pen Pals friendship project with schools and elderly care organizations.  The postcard exchange created special contact moments between the generations.  Warm, caring and valuable in distant corona days.

See for some wonderful examples of the postcards made by school children on our Facebook page. The project was supported by the Province of Gelderland and we thank our many partners –schools and caretakers and volunteers – for making this work !

“Small things make a difference.”  To spread that message the postcards are now available for you to download for free and send a caring message to someone who is lonely.