Nijmegen is Bustling

Annually, in the 3rd week of July, Nijmegen changes into a Metropolis. Nijmegen is a bustling city during the Four Days Marches (the Walk of the World) and the 7 days music and festivities in the city of Nijmegen (Vierdaagsefeesten, the Party of the Year). Over 41,000 walkers completed the 103rd edition of the Marches. 1,600,000 visitors celebrated the 50th edition of the  festivities. The photo and video give an impression of the parties and the Parade on the last day of the Marches, entering the City at the Via Gladiola.

© video: Anja Adriaans  © photo Waal in Vlammen : Mathijs Hanenkamp for Vierdaagsefeesten