Skype contact Nijmegen – Albany schools.

Students from Nijmegen and American sister city Albany will have live contact with each other today. A Skype session will be started at 14.30 at the Mondial College in Leuvensbroek, Nijmegen.

Sixteen third year havo/vwo students will be sitting behind a computer to start a conversation with twelve  peers of the Albany Academies. It will be 8.30 AM for them.

The contact between the schools is made by the Friendship Albany Nijmegen (FAN) Foundation, based in Nijmegen. The old friendship between both cities has been revived by FAN Foundation. The bond between the cities dates back to 1947, when the citizens of the American city collected clothes, building materials, and food for the people in Nijmegen. Back then, contacts between young people from both cities had been established as well, some of these contacts still exist today. This is why Anja Adriaans, chair of FAN Foundation, wants to start a new project around the concept of ‘pen pals’. “Mondial College has prepared itself very well.  Students have examined the history of the Waal Crossing by American soldiers in 1944. Furthermore, they have made 111 postcards, which have now arrived in Albany”.

Adriaans visited the Albany Academy in September. “It is a beautiful school. The school is  Albany’s showpiece, a little over 200 years old. I have discussed the project with director Donald Brandt who immediately became very enthusiastic. It is a fantastic partner school for Mondial College”.

Albany Academies

Albany Academies