Nijmegen & Albany, sister cities

FAN is short for ‘Friendship Albany NY & Nijmegen’. The origin of this friendship between two cities dates back to the American liberation and reconstruction aid from Albany NY for Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It is an international connection via shared history, which is still being commemorated in both cities. Read about this unique story here.

From the private collection of Chloe Gavin.
Picture: © Anja Adriaans.
The plate was a gift to General J.M. Gavin, March 1947. Design by Th. Oor,  Potterij “Oud-Delft”, Nijmegen.

70 years of friendship

The friendship between both cities will be celebrated in 2017, 70 years after the relief campaign from Albany for Nijmegen. Our foundation is working on the execution of various projects and activities in order to revive this friendship. People in Albany are also enthusiastic about this special connection. They are thinking about a ‘Nijmegen week’ during the next Tulip Festival, which is a Dutch-inspired annual festival, co-organized by the ‘Dutch Settlers’.

FAN aims to offer a platform for all connections between Albany and Nijmegen in 2017 and in the future. Together, we want to remember the history of both cities and celebrate and strengthen the friendship. By doing this, FAN seeks to contribute to international peace and aid to other nations.