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City that gave Albany its tulips knows how to party

By Paul Grondahl/Times Union July 27, 2016 Nijmegen, the Netherlands >> Used with permission and previously published in the Times Union. Paul Grondahl recently joined in the 100th anniversary of “Walk of the World,” a massive movable party in the oldest city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen. Nijmegen, pronounced NYE-may-gun, with a population of 165,000, is Albany’s sister city. […]

Thousands greet ‘hero’ marchers in Nijmegen, Albany’s sister city

By Paul Grondahl, Times Union, 22 july 2016 Centennial four-day march crosses the finish line in style in Albany’s sister city >> Used with permission and previously published in the Times Union. Lashed by pounding rains and raked by violent thunderstorms throughout the morning, the masses marched on with the triumphant spirit of warriors toward the […]

Walk for peace and partying

By Paul Grondahl/Times Union – July 18, 2016 Dutch festival unites cutting-edge technology with 100-year tradition >> Used with permission and previously published in the Times Union. Inside the white marble Gothic grandeur of the 13th-century St. Stevens Church in the heart of the oldest city in the Netherlands, hundreds of people from many countries celebrated […]

World War II-era Dutch film thanking Albany for aid found

By Paul Grondahl/Times Union – April 7, 2016 City sent supplies to war-ravaged Netherlands city >> Used with permission and previously published in the Times Union. “This is Nijmegen,” a World War II-era Dutch film missing for six decades, a cinematic thank-you to Albany’s citizens for sending a shipload of relief supplies to the war-ravaged city in […]

Carlson’s Corner- interview with Anja Adriaans

Dutch researcher Anja Adriaans came to the Hall of Records this October 2013, to research local history visà-vis the World War II relationship between Albany and Nijmegen, Netherlands. Additionally, she wanted information about the soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division and hoped to generate interest in starting an exchange program with University of Albany and […]

Albany NY adopted Nijmegen

After a visit from Albany delegates to Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in March 47 it is now late summer 1947 and the Holland America Line MS Westerdam has shipped the relief goods from Albany harbor to Rotterdam. In Rotterdam the cargo is loaded on to inland vessels, one of them is the Nijmegen III. This short […]

Overjoyed with Shoes from Albany

Foundation wants to tighten historical bonds with US city of Albany, NY. It all started after the war. Reporter Jacqueline van Ginneken, De Gelderlander He got brown shoes. High, brown, leather shoes. “Very tough looking,” says John – ‘Jan is fine too’ – Leesberg. He is 86 years old, but the citizen from Nijmegen remembers […]

Lights Crossing

Commissioned by CBK Nijmegen, Dutch filmmaker Martijn Schinkel made a short, poetic, almost silent, little documentary about a bridge as a monument. On September 20, 1944, 48 American paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division lost their lives during the heroic crossing of the River Waal at Nijmegen. This battle was crucial in the liberation of Nijmegen. A memorial commemorates this […]